Invited Speakers

Dr. rer. nat. Dorothea Schumann, Paul Scherrer Institute, SWITZERLAND

Dorothea Schumann


Head of the research group “RadWasteAnalytics”, Laboratory for Radiochemistry (LRC), Nuclear Energy and Safety department (NES), Paul Scherrer Institute Villigen (Switzerland)


Since 2004: Head of the research group “RadWasteAnalytics”

Service analytics of accelerator waste; extraxtion of exotic radionuclides from irradiated material; conducting of scientific experiments in nuclear physics and related science


2002-2004: Scientist at Paul Scherrer Institute (research group RadWasteAnalytics at the Laboratory for Radio- and Environmental Chemistry), analytics of accelerator waste samples, determination of cross sections and excitation functions from protonirradiated heavy metal targets


2000-2002: Project management assistant at the company Hans-Wälischmiller Dresden


1992-1999: Staff member at the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Technology Dresden (TU Dresden) in the research group “Radiochemistry”, investigation of the behavior of transactinides, especially chemical properties of the elements Rf, Db and Sg in aqueous solution



Pleanary title: Isotope production and target fabrication at PSI


Dr. Ido Silverman, Soreq, ISRAEL

Ido Silverman


2015– Head, SARAF department, Soreq, ISRAEL.

2010-2015 Head, Targets development group, Soreq, ISRAEL.

2007-2009 Visiting Scientist at ISCFDC

2005-2007 Head, Thermal-hydraulic and heat-transfer laboratory, Soreq, ISRAEL.

2001- Member of Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility (SARAF) design and construction team, Soreq, ISRAEL.

1999-2004 Head, Reactors simulation group, Soreq, ISRAEL.

1993- Researcher, Soreq Nuclear Research Center, ISRAEL.



Plenary title: Scientific opportunities at SARAF with the LiLiT neutron source


Dr. Alberto Andrighetto, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, ITALY.

Alberto Andrighetto



  • SPES Radioactive Beam Production Leader.
  • Since 2002: INFN Researcher at Laboratori Nazionali Legnaro Italy.
  • Development of Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) production techniques: a) Perform on-line tests to optimize design of RIB production targets. b) Development of RIB Ion Sources. c) Measurement of RIB yields and release efficiency from various target. d) Research of new target materials. e) Characterization of target materials at very high temperature (above 2000°C)
  • Design, construction, operation and upgrade of high temperature devices, such furnaces, instrumentations and utility support systems.
  • Analysis and interpretation of experimental data.
  • Montecarlo Simulation
  • Experimental research in nuclear physics structure and reactions and in neutron production.
  • He published more than 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals.
  • He presented his activity in more than 35 International Congress and Workshops



Plenary title: UCx target preparations and characterizations