Abstract Submission

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 Online abstract submission opens: 1 April 2016

 Online abstract submission closes: 1 August 2016

Participants are invited to submit abstracts online at: https://indico.tlabs.ac.za/event/65/call-for-abstracts/submit covering one of the following topics or related subjects:

  • Preparation techniques for thin films and foils
  • Target preparation and characterization
  • Separation and chemical processing of stable & radioactive isotopes
  • Target and sample encapsulation
  • Accelerator targets for radionuclide production
  • Targets and coatings for medical radioisotope production
  • Targets for Industrial Applications
  • Liquid and Gas Targets
  • Active Targets

Papers presented at the conference and submitted in time will be published in Elsevier’s Physics Procedia. Abstracts should not exceed 350 words (one A4 page).